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The greater Miami, FL community often enjoys a beautiful and vibrant climate throughout the year, but water damage is a very real problem that confronts homeowners and commercial property owners alike.

At JRG Restoration, we stop water damage with prompt and professional services that keep our clients from the expensive, ongoing effects of water damage that’s left untreated. Tropical storms, floods, and even water damage from firefighters after a fire incident can cause extensive, lingering harm to your structure. Fortunately, JRG Restoration has the perfect team of professionals ready to help.

Streamlined Process

At JRG Restoration, our team keeps up to date on current, industry-leading technology and techniques to quickly deal with flood and water damage before additional harm can be caused by the growth of mold.

We utilize a highly responsive and streamlined process to remove damaged material and chemically treat studs and pipes where needed. Once we perform an inspection of your home or business to determine the extent of the water damage, one of our professional service technicians will walk you through our specialized process to restore your property’s integrity completely and thoroughly.

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