What causes water damage?

Water damage is a serious problem. Even just a simple faucet leak can turn it into hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage repair, not to mention an excessively high water bill. Water damage could be described as various possible losses caused by water intruding where it will allow attack of a material by destructive processes such as mold and bacteria growth. Simply stated, water damage is damage to your property caused by water being where it shouldn’t be. The quicker the problem is noticed, the less damage the water damage restoration company will have to fix. While some of the damages of water can happen fairly quickly, other damages can take days or even weeks to become visible. Nine (9) times out ten (10), we notice it too late and this is the reason we should have an inspection done by professionals as soon as we notice the issue. Remember, all it takes is a little bit of water and there goes your property.

Florida and water damage. What to do?

Because Florida has the longest seacoast in the continental U.S., a low elevation, and a high water table, the state is at one of the greatest risks of property damage due to flooding. No matter the type of water damage that occurs, it can a homeowner’s nightmare.

What to do after water damage occurs?

First of all, if you ever had a leak in the past, you should have professionals inspect your home for possible damages and mold growth.
Second of all, if you just noticed a water leak in your home whether it is from rain, broken pipes, condensation around your air conditioner, or roof leaks, chances are it has been happening for longer than you think. Water damage isn’t just a problem to your daily life and routine, there are very dangerous health risks associated with them such as mold growth which could not only make you sick but also contaminate the air quality in your home and ruin all of your furniture.

What would the restoration company do to help?

To start the process, a visual inspection ( which we provide free of charge) or a mold assessment would be needed in order to determine the protocol or remediation work plan.

Then in most cases, if the area is affected or damaged, the experts will start by setting up dehumidifiers and air scrubbers to extract the water from the area and regulate the air quality. Then will proceed to set up containment around the area to avoid mold spores from spreading in other areas of your home. After the remove and sanitize all affected materials, they will leave the equipment running for 48 hours, and voila, your home will be free of mold and assessed by a third party that will give the final clearance.

Fortunately, in most situations, your insurance will cover all damages sustained to your home. Most professionals will be able to help you start the claim process in order to quickly handle the situation. With the right preventative information and a good expert at your side, any water damage issue you face should hopefully be minimal and resolved before you know it. An out of pocket discount as well as a discount for referrals is also offered by our company, JRG Restoration, in order to help cash-paying customers.

Got mold or water damage?

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